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Mobile Intelligence™ Clinic

Care can happen anywhere. Make your existing clinical systems mobile.

Mobile Intelligence™ Clinic (MI Clinic) has a wide range of use cases:

    • Interventions - vaccinations, exams, routine procedures
    • Health screenings
    • Kiosks for registration
    • Behavioral health questionnaires
    • Public health campaigns - vaccinations, point of dispensing
    • Medical research data collection
    • Biocontainment unit worker monitoring
    • Patient onboarding

When systems aren't in the room where care happens, clinicians end up recording vital patient data on paper where it can be illegible, inaccurate, or become lost. Paper notes are likely to become HIPAA violations! Or perhaps they rely on their memory alone to record that data later, which opens up the possibility of even more lost or erroneous data.

Complicating matters even more, many systems that are used today have such generalized workflows that they either disrupt the patient care workflow by having the clinicians spend time navigating and typing, or they add steps to the end of the workflow requiring the clinicians to spend time entering data afterwards. But with MI Clinic, capturing the care data can be integrated into the specialized workflows such that the data is a natural part of the treatment protocol. Data can be captured as the care is being given such that when the treatment is completed, all the data has already been captured.

No one's health should suffer for missing or inaccurate data, especially when that data can be captured with a mobile device in just a few seconds. But missing or inaccurate data is all too prevalent with paper-based forms processing that dominates healthcare today. As just one example, the CDC reports that 55% of vaccine records are missing the manufacturer's lot number, a situation that has very real consequences for the CDC's ability to address the 3,000+ adverse vaccine reactions each year which are classified as serious. To remedy this problem, Countermind created MI Clinic - a mobile app that gathers all vital medical information at the point of care. With MI Clinic, mobile data collection is fast, accurate, complete, and secure – all with little or no typing - which makes it possible to collect more data in less time, while letting the health professionals focus on what they do best: care for patients.

MI Clinic is a technology that adds mobility to existing clinical systems. MI Clinic combines mobile data collection apps for iOS devices with a secure Windows-based server that immediately integrates with your existing systems. You can add mobility to your existing clinical data systems with MI Clinic.

    • Addresses wide range of interventions - vaccination, exams, and patient registrations, to name just a few
    • Configurable forms for collecting multiple choice, signatures, text answers, photos, and more
    • Users, not programmers, choose what data to collect - barcodes, option lists, photos, signature, and more
    • Workflows are tailored to be optimal for the user
    • Private health information is secured using strong AES encryption
    • Faster, more accurate, more complete, and more secure than paper records

Mobile printing using Zebra printers.