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Products Based on Mobile Intelligence™ Platform

Mobile Intelligence™ Platform

MI Platform is the core technology that Countermind's Mobile Intelligence™ products and customized solutions are built on. MI Platform is the reason why Countermind's MI products are so flexible and reliable.

Countermind’s Mobile Intelligence™ (MI) Platform architecture provides applications that are designed with flexibility and scalability that is unmatched in the market. Customers are given the choice – of devices, operating systems, networks, and infrastructure – to provide the best solution for the specific areas benefiting from mobility. With Countermind, solutions can be deployed and managed in a way that limits disruption, reduces time to deployment, and minimizes time to train.  And with the MI Platform, enterprise data stays synchronized and doesn’t get lost.

There are three primary reasons that mobile applications fail to live up to expectations:

  • Unsuccessful integration with enterprise information systems
  • Workflows that don’t fit well into workplace processes
  • The demands of maintaining data integrity across gaps in connectivity
Countermind’s patented Mobile Intelligence™ Platform addresses all three head on with a proven architecture that is in successful daily use across various industries and applications every day, and has been for a decade.

Mobile Intelligence™ Server provides an integration platform for reliably integrating mobile applications into enterprise information systems.  Countermind clients have been using Mobile Intelligence™ Server for years to provide critical applications can attest that it is mature, fast, flexible, maintainable, and reliable.

Mobile Intelligence™ Smart Client provides a workflow-centric framework for mobile applications so that they match business workflow processes precisely and effectively.  What’s more, the applications are easy to modify as workflows and processes are updated, helping maintain an enterprise’s competitive advantage.

And finally, the Mobile Intelligence™ Platform as a whole is architected for reliable data integrity even when connectivity is disrupted.  Data doesn’t get lost.

Why did Countermind receive a patent?

Countermind was awarded patent no: US 8,126,924 B1 because our technology is the only one of its kind that is able to support sophisticated branching techniques. This means that Countermind can customize mobile applications for businesses that require dynamic, non-trivial workflows. This is especially important as clients look for smarter and faster ways to record, track and transmit data.